UK Health Minister Nadin Tests Positive For Coronavirus

 UK Health Minister Nadin Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The UK Health Minister and Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has been diagnosed with coronavirus. She disclosed on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Dorries said she has been self-isolating at home. Labour MP Rachael Maskell said she has since been told to do the same as she had met Ms Dorries.

Dorries added that Health officials are now trying to trace where she contracted the virus and who she has been in contact with.

Dorries, who helped craft the legislation to fight the bug, is the first British politician to be diagnosed with coronavirus, raising immediate concern about whether she has spread the infection.

The Times reported that she had been in touch with hundreds of people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, six people have died in Britain from the virus, with 373 confirmed cases.

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