UAE To Grant Infectious Disease Experts, Others ‘Golden’ 10-Year Residence Visa

 UAE To Grant Infectious Disease Experts, Others ‘Golden’ 10-Year Residence Visa

The United Arab Emirates has said it will grant all Doctors and infectious disease experts living in the Country a 10-year visa, who are helping to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

This was disclosed on Sunday, November 15, 2020, as the country has so far recorded more than 150,000 cases of the Corona virus disease, including 530 deaths.

AFP reports that a month-long lockdown and the impact on tourism and business has done serious damage to the economy, which was already slumping in recent years due to low oil prices.

It added that foreigners in the UAE, like most Gulf countries, are generally only given limited residence visas tied to their current employment, and long-term residency is difficult to obtain; but to attract wealthy business people and highly skilled workers, the UAE last year launched the “Golden” 10-year visa programme, which is now being expanded.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum tweeted that those eligible include holders of Doctorate degrees, Medical Doctors, and computer, electronics, programming, electrical and biotechnology engineers; adding that: “We are keen to embrace the talent that drives future development and this is only the beginning.”

Sheikh Mohammed, who is also the ruler of Dubai, which has the most diversified economy in the Gulf, said Students from accredited Universities who are getting top grades could also qualify, along with those holding specialised degrees in artificial intelligence, big data and epidemiology.

The scheme last year drew in some 6,800 investors, in a windfall worth $27 billion for the economy, as foreigners account for 90 per cent of the population of some 10 million in the oil-rich UAE, the Arab world’s second-largest economy.

The “Golden Visa” was the first such scheme in the Gulf, which keeps tight control on residency, as similar programmes have been launched in other countries that seek to diversify their economies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Riyadh said in June 2019 that it will offer permanent residency for 800,000 riyals ($213,000) and a one-year renewable residency costing 100,000 riyals ($27,000), allowing expats to do business and buy property without a Saudi sponsor.

Meanwhile, Doha has recently flung open its property market to foreigners, with a scheme giving those purchasing homes or stores the right to longer-term or permanent residency permits.


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