U.S Senate Votes To Restrain Trump On Iran

 U.S Senate Votes To Restrain Trump On Iran

The U.S Senate has voted to rein in President Donald Trump from attacking Iran, sharply rebuking his foreign policy despite a week earlier acquitting him in his impeachment trial.

Eight Senators of President Trump’s Republican Party, which enjoys a majority, bucked their leadership to join Democrats, following a classified Iran session by the President Trump administration that one Republican called the worst briefing he had ever witnessed.

The resolution on Thursday, February 13, 2020, which bars the United States from any Military action against Iran without explicit approval by Congress, will head to the Democratic-led House of Representatives, which passed a text in similar form last month; but much like an earlier attempt by Congress to end U.S support for Saudi Arabia’s devastating offensive in Yemen, President Trump is nearly certain to issue a veto, with Lawmakers lacking the two-thirds majority to overturn it.

Moments before the vote, a rocket slammed into an Iraqi base housing U.S troops in the first attack on the site since a December 27 incidentally killed a U.S contractor.

According to Iraqi and U.S security sources, there were no immediate reports of casualties but the contractor’s death set off an escalating crisis in which President Trump ordered a drone strike at the Baghdad airport that killed Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most powerful general.

While warning of dire consequences of an escalating conflict with Iran, Kaine said his main point was to restore the authority of Congress to declare war, as spelled out in the U.S Constitution.

Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, said President Trump had escalated tensions by killing Soleimani.


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