U.S Election: Biden Leads Trump In Electoral College Votes

 U.S Election: Biden Leads Trump In Electoral College Votes

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are battling it out for the White House, with polls closed across the United States.

For the American people, they are waiting for results in key battlegrounds still up for grabs.

Punchng reports that as it stands, there are seven states still left uncalled, including major prizes such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, meaning both Trump and Biden still have a path to victory.

US media outlets have projected wins for the Republican incumbent in 23 states including big prizes Florida and Texas, as well as Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio, all states he won in 2016.

Biden has captured 20 states including his home state Delaware and big prizes California and New York, as well as the US capital.

The former vice president has flipped one state won by Trump in 2016 — Arizona, in the southwest.

Nebraska split its electoral votes between the two, four for Trump and one for Biden, while Maine was won by Biden; but so far, he has only three of the four electoral votes on offer, with the last still to be decided.

So far, that gives Biden 238 electoral votes and Trump 213.


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