TikTok Files Lawsuit, Challenges Trump’s Ban

 TikTok Files Lawsuit, Challenges Trump’s  Ban

Video app TikTok on Monday filed a lawsuit challenging the US government’s ban.

 The popular Chinese-owned platform, was banned in the US following Washington proclamtion of the app as a threat to national.

According to AFP TikTok argued in the suit that Trump’s order was a misuse of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act because the platform — on which users share often playful short-form videos — is not “an unusual and extraordinary threat.”

The executive order “has the potential to strip the rights of that community without any evidence to justify such an extreme action,” the suit contended.

“We believe the administration ignored our extensive efforts to address its concerns, which we conducted fully and in good faith even as we disagreed with the concerns themselves,” TikTok said.

TikTok’s kaleidoscopic feeds of clips feature everything from dance routines and hair-dye tutorials to jokes about daily life and politics.

The app has been downloaded 175 million times in the US and more than a billion times around the world.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on August 6 giving Americans 45 days to stop doing business with TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance — effectively setting a deadline for a sale of the app to a US company.

The Trump administration has separately given ByteDance a deadline to divest TikTok before the app is banned in the United States.

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