State Projects: “My Administration Has Put An End To The Era Of Frivolous Approvals” -Gov Makinde.

 State Projects: “My Administration Has Put An End To The Era Of Frivolous Approvals” -Gov Makinde.

Oyo State Governor, Engineer Oluseyi Makinde has explained that among the various measures employed by the administration to effectively manage resources in other to have funds for developmental projects, he and other functionaries in the government had been using their private vehicles in the last six months.

He noted that this step has saved the State up to N3 billion to N4 billion, which could have been expended on vehicles.

He explained further that his administration has put an end to the era of frivolous approvals, while also giving clear-cut priorities to projects and programmes that can be embarked upon in the interest of the State people.

Governor Makinde, while responding to questions raised by residents of the State during the “Chat with GSM” on Saturday, December 21, 2019, at the BCOS, maintained that the new thinking and approach, apart from freeing up funds for the development has also contributed to raising the interest of the private sector in partnering with the Government to develop the State.

He said one of the benefits the State has derived from his style of administration was the fact that the beautification efforts on major roundabouts in Ibadan with Christmas Lighting System was done by private sectors at no cost to the State.

He said: “It is true that when we came in, we cannot be talking about the money we met on ground because if we do, some people won’t be allowed to walk freely in the street. If you look at it, till now, I am using my personal cars for office work. We have not also gotten cars for any of the political office holders. If we want to get that done, we will be talking about #3 billion or #4 billion Naira. So, we stepped it down. We had to prioritize on what we think we can do for the people of the State who gave us this mandate.”

“We wanted to see how we can stabilize the Government to suit the interest of the people first and not running after our selfish interest. We need to say this too, those that are involved should take note of this. On the 6th of May, those who worked with the past administration collected N5.2 billion and left 19,000 Naira as of the 29th of May. Those involved will still have to explain to the people.

“That was why we had to seek the approval of the State Assembly to borrow 10 billion Naira because I have to be honest, I was very scared. We found out that the state’s funds were in about 60 accounts. In one account, we found 300 million Naira. In another, we found 20 million Naira and many others like that. So, I called the Accountant-General that the monies which are in different accounts should be pulled together and, after that was done, it amounted to about 6 billion Naira. We summoned ministries, departments, and agencies to come and give an account of what the monies were meant for. After we did that, we were able to get some money to start doing some things in the state.

#Edited by Atinuke Bayo-Ige.


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