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Asian country, Sri Lanka is appealing for credit from other countries, international companies and foreign suppliers for fuel stocks to get it through the next two weeks, a senior government official said.

Sri Lanka’s appeal comes as it runs short of its supplies and is banking on stocks from an Indian company to provide diesel and petrol to the public.

An official from the Power and Energy Ministry said Sri Lanka has appealed to Malaysia and India for fuel for the next two weeks to meet basic public demand.

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The Lanka Indian Oil Company issued one million litres of petrol and diesel to its 202 fuel stations on Sunday.

Power and energy minister Kanchana Wijesekera on Sunday said petrol reserves were about 4,000 tonnes, just below one day’s worth of consumption, as queues snaked through the main city of Colombo for kilometres.

The cash-strapped nation on Sunday extended school closures because there is not enough fuel for teachers and parents to get children to classrooms, with most pumping stations being without fuel for days.

Nearly 1,200 state-controlled fuel stations have stopped issuing fuel for private vehicles, saving it for vehicles needed to maintain essential services, such as health and food distribution.

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Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Newsmen last week the petrol shortage will last until July 22 when the next oil shipment is expected. He said a gas deal has been secured which will ensure supplies for the next four months.

There have been sporadic incidents in the past week in which public members waiting for long hours in fuel queues have clashed with the police.

Sri Lanka’s unprecedented economic crisis has lingered for months and left it unable to raise the dollars to pay for fuel, gas, medicine and food.

The country has been in talks with the International Monetary Fund to finalise a relief package.

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