Senate Approves $22.7bn Loan To Save Nigeria From Recession – Bamidele

 Senate Approves $22.7bn Loan To Save Nigeria From Recession – Bamidele

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and  Legal Matters, Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele, has stated that the loan approval granted by the Red Chamber to President Muhammadu Buhari is meant to save the nation from economic recession.

Bamidele spoke in Iyin Ekiti during a programme organised for the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment and former Ekiti State Governor, Chief Niyi Adebayo, to celebrate his appointment as a member of the Federal Executive Council.

He said, “The step we took was to avert economic recession , because to prevent such, government  would have to build infrastructures like roads, rail lines , create wealth ,provide employments and carry out other social services to help the people.

“The legislative  and the executive arms are working towards the same goal. It is for the development of our nation. The planners of economy  knew that our budget must be well funded , because we have to keep spending on infrastructure to avert recession.

“The 2020 budget estimate of the federal government was high and the government must ensure that it is made implementable through proper funding and the loan will help in making the funds available.

“The question the people should ask is, what are the plans in place for proper spending of the loan?  Our people should see it as a welcome development and way to keep our economy soaring .

“It  is important that we set a template for proper funding of  the budget. But we are assuring  Nigerians that the Senate won’t  allow  corruption under any guise. We are going to put proper legislaton in place  to stop pilfering of our money.

“In a democracy, criticisms are normal, but our people should be more concerned about  ensuring that the loan is well appropriated  for the  projects that will create wealth and lift our economy up and  I have no doubt  that President  Buhari won’t fail in this aspect,” .

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