Opinion: Of Aisha Yesufu, Rinu, Tacha….Women, Mothers

 Opinion: Of Aisha Yesufu, Rinu, Tacha….Women, Mothers

By. Umar Nasko

Not every non- Muslim will know the importance of the name Aisha to Islam. Aisha was the wife of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

During her lifetime she played an important role in the development of Islam and the expansion of the political space that encyclopedia britinnaca said, “Modern Muslim feminists regard Aisha as personifying an early Islamic idealization of women as the social and legal equal of men, valorized for their contributions in both the private and public spheres”
Aisha Yesufu will not surprise many Muslims, her heroic stoicism could be traced to the source of her name.
Not just name, Aisha Yesufu has shown that with believe, words can move mountains not to talk of action.
At an auspicious time, when so many men couldn’t even leave their parlors Aisha Yesufu, went on the street to protest Police brutality mostly against the youth and called for banning of the Police armed squad SARS, that has derived notoriety for harassing and even Killing young Nigerians in carrying out their main job of fighting armed robbery.
The Police in its usual manner of unnecessary show of force even in civil matters, fired canisters of tear gas and life ammunitions that saw protesters scampering for safety Aisha Yesufu was covered in the thick tear gas fog, her clenched fist held up, her hijab on and a bag dangling from her right shoulder across her torso towards her left leg, emerging from that confusion is a hero, a woman, a mother and a patriot. Aisha left her position at the back to the front to defend and take Bullet for the other protesters.  What a heroine!
To Aisha Yesufu, you are a patriot, I put this down so that our children will read, if situations like this ever come in their time, they should know bravery is not cheap and there once was a brave woman, Aisha!
To Rinu, I watched how passionately you addressed the Lagos speaker, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa about end SARS, in you I saw energy, I saw passion and I saw hope. 
In you Rinu, I saw the power of a woman determined to change this world with her voice and her legs and hands, Rinu you are a heroine.
Tacha, beauty wasn’t all you had, you had humanity in your veins, you had Nigeria in your heart, a greater country doesn’t come free nor cheap, it comes with sweat and blood, Tacha  you have given Nigeria what you have, Nigeria owes you a debt. 
It shall be recorded in the history books.
I salute the courage of all women, young and old, Aunty Oby I read your piece, I commend you.
I have chosen today to praise women,  since some of us men have failed.

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