Former CBN Governor, Development Economist, and Social Commentator, Dr.
Obadiah Mailafia has blamed the Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria on the antics of powerful elements that ensure the perpetuation of a succession System whereby intellectual bereft and incompetent persons emerge as leaders to do the sole will of their Political Benefactors.

He said the Political Party System is run by former rulers who would rather see weak and incompetent people as successors, rather than encourage a system that would promote accountability and good governance.

Dr. Mailafia who stated these while featuring on the Television Breakfast Programme of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) AM 120, recalled the emergence of Shehu Shagari as Nigeria’s President in 1979, over and above his obviously far more competent compatriots from Northern Nigeria, such as Maitama Sule, Ibrahim Tahir, among others in a race that was clearly tilted towards Northern Victory at the time. He said the Northern establishment and the collaborating Kingmakers from the other ethnic Nationalities could have made a better choice regarding who should run for President at that particular point in time.

The former CBN Deputy Governor further painted the same scenario for the current democratic experiment in the aftermath of the long spell of military rule, where Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as civilian President ensured a succession booby trap in the form of a weak and maneuverable personality as successor.

He noted that it was up to Nigerians themselves to realise the need to put into Office, persons who would be bold enough to transform the country into a land of Opportunities, otherwise the country would remain the same.

‘ Leadership makes a difference, if people continue to elect mediocre, Nigeria will remain 100 Years behind’

Dr. Mailafia who has severally come under the radar of the nation’s security and intelligence agencies over his scathing criticism of the Buhari administration also said good leadership would also require a more transparent and accountable electoral system to elect credible leaders at various levels of governance.

On Nigeria’s current rating as the third-worst country in the World after Venezuela and Zimbabwe, Dr Mailafia pointed out that the statistics for arriving at such an unpalatable index stems from poor leadership, insecurity, economic instability and unfavourable social conditions.

‘ That is the reality of our situation. Nigeria is the World’s most terrorized country as well’

While expressing concern about the continued corporate existence of Nigeria, the Development Economist said the country is grievously ill and already on death row.

‘ Nigeria is dying, and what do you give a dying person? You give blood and oxygen. Oxygen is putting our money where our heart is, generating projects relevant to the people’

Dr. Mailafia also called for a formal declaration of emergency in all the critical sectors. He also said the nation’s military should be issued with better equipment and hardware to tackle the lingering lingering security challenges.

‘Our Soldiers are not given the right equipment to fight’

Dr Mailafia further expressed concern and doubts over President Buhari’s disposition to the current precarious situation of things in the country, noting that the man in Aso Villa had become quite far, distant and different from the Buhari that Nigerians once knew.

The respected Newspaper Columnist and former Presidential Candidate lamented the non-proactiveness of President Buhari regarding the security situation in Nigeria as the Government encourages the influx of armed militias into the country through the porous border areas.

He lamented that no one is safe in Africa’s most populous nation.

He however warned that though Nigerians are resilient, they could very well react when pushed to the wall.

Ogunwale Mutiu

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