Mental Health: Expert Traces Causes Of Depression

 Mental Health: Expert Traces Causes Of Depression

A renowned Psychiatrist and Director of the World Health Organization Centre at the University of Ibadan, Professor Oye Gureje has whittled down the insinuation that sit tight syndrome among African leaders or official misconduct in public office may be due to some mental imbalance.

Professor Gureje who featured on the BCOS TV breakfast programme, AM120, said a definitive line must be drawn between inherent negative character traits or tendencies carried over by individuals into leadership positions.

He explained that while a mental or psychiatric challenge could be treated or properly managed ahead of assumption of public office shady or criminal traits’ of character, which may not manifest beforehand, could turn out to be a much bigger and more complex problem.

The mental health expert said mental health evaluation for the potential occupants of political or public office may not be very helpful in checking bad behaviour or official misconduct as there is a difference between criminality and mental health challenges.


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