Jordan’s Prince Hamzah Vows To Disobey ‘Keep Silent’ Order

 Jordan’s Prince Hamzah Vows To Disobey ‘Keep Silent’ Order

The former crown Prince of Jordan has said he will defy orders to stop communicating with the outside world after he was placed under house arrest.

41 years old Prince Hamzah bin Hussein is accused of working with foreign entities to destabilise the kingdom.

The former heir to the throne denies conspiracy, but he has accused Jordan’s leaders of corruption and incompetence.

Prince Hamzah is the half-brother of King Abdullah, and the public rift between the pair is unprecedented.

Tensions within the royal household, however, have reportedly been visible for some time.

Jordan is a constitutional monarchy, but the royals play a major role in public life and King Abdullah has extensive powers, he can appoint Governments, approve legislation and dissolve parliament.


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