Insecurity: UN Urges Buhari Explore Dialogue

 Insecurity: UN Urges Buhari Explore Dialogue

To end insecurity and killings in the Northeast and Northwest, the government should add dialogue to the use of force,

The United Nations (UN) on Monday urged President Muhammadu Buhari to explore dialogue in the fight against insurgency and insecurity.

The UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, gave the counsel while speaking to reporters at the State House in Abuja after a meeting with President Buhari.

Kallon  explained that there must be a combination  dialogue and political approach to military solution in order to combat insecurity in the North-eastern and North-western part of Nigeria.

He said: “The conflict is still ongoing, it’s not over. But today again, I told Mr. President that in addition to the military effort, that there is need to complement that with enhanced dialogue and political approach process in search of durable solution to the crisis.”

“So, we think various approaches have to be used to find a solution. But when you talk about conflicts in Nigeria, we are talking about three typologies. There is no one-size-fits-all. You have identity-based conflicts, resource-based and power-based conflicts. Each of those typologies require different  approaches and solutions, that is the complex axis we are dealing with.”

“In the Northwest, you have the situation of banditry that is mixed up with some elements of terrorism, which makes it even more complex. And there is also power-based conflicts that are ongoing.”

“So, because of the mixture of these typologies within Nigeria itself, that is why it is so difficult to find solutions to them, because you have to deal with each of them. But underneath all these beehives of conflicts, there are three dynamics that before a solution is found, we must look at; the political, economy and social context. They are so critical in finding the solution.”

“The relationship between those three factors remain extremely important when you start looking at the issue of criminality, banditry and terrorism.”

So, my call to His Excellency is to look at that robust mechanisms as a way of trying to find solutions to the conflicts in general”.

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