Hungary Bars Citizens From Changing Gender, Bans Same-Sex Marriage

 Hungary Bars Citizens From Changing Gender, Bans Same-Sex Marriage

Hungary’s parliament voted Tuesday to bar nationals from legally changing their gender, and stating that gender would be defined as “biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes”.

According to AFP, the law which makes it impossible to change a person’s sex recorded at birth and therefore also prevents changing one’s legally recognised gender has been passed amidst protests at home and abroad by LGBT communities.

Hungarian LGBT rights organisation,Hatter, has described the move as “sad and outrageous” and said it ignored “practical and human rights concerns raised by dozens of civil society organisations and international bodies.”

But, nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban insists that his government will uphold the traditional values of the nation and guard against any form of popular culture. Since Orban came to power in 2010, his government has pursued several policies it says uphold traditional Hungarian values, including inserting a definition of marriage in the constitution as being between one man and one woman.

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