The Origin And Metamorphosis

Broadcasting, in 1932, was introduced into the country, Nigeria, by the Colonial Master, Britain. The history of Broadcasting in Nigeria is connected to the era of colonization in the country. Being colonized by Britain, Nigeria, a West African Country even with her own many ethnic groups, became an English-speaking country and her official language, English.

The Champion Of Broadcasting In Nigeria

The idea of Regionalization made Nigeria to be carved into three (3) regions namely: Northern Region, Western Region and Eastern Region. The capital of Western Region was Ibadan. Broadcasting indigenously, started in Nigeria from Ibadan, the capital of Western Region (which today is the capital of Oyo State).

Broadcasting had been championed in the Western Region of Nigeria, even before, the country gained her independence from Britain in 1960. It was in 1958 that Western Region, ahead of others, went into Broadcasting by establishing the Western Nigeria Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNGBC) to offer both Radio and Television services.

Pacesetter Status

With statism, Nigeria jettisoned Regionalism and at different times in the history of Nigeria state creation took place.  Even though, with the creation of states, Ibadan at no time has seized from being a capital.  Therefore, with the creation of states in 1976 (Oyo, Ogun and Ondo states out of Western state)’ and 1991 (Osun state out of Oyo State), the core of Broadcasting has remained in Ibadan the capital of Oyo State.

Also, Ibadan has retained the pace-setter status in Broadcasting in Nigeria. Fortunately, with the Western Nigeria Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNGBC) no more in operation, it is in Oyo State and Ibadan as the capital that the BROADCASTING CORPORATION OF OYO STATE (BCOS) is domiciled, for the glory of the pace-setter to continue.

The BCOS once adopted the idea of referring to its outfits (Radio and Television) as channels.  The channels were three (3) in number before the elevation to stations.   The channels were the Radio 1 on the Medium Wave (MW) located at Orita Basorun, Ibadan which was commissioned in 1976; Radio 2 on Frequency Modulation (FM) stereo located at Mapo, Ibadan and commissioned in 1978.(it was the first FM Radio in Nigeria); and Television on channel 28 ultra-High Frequency (UHF) and commissioned in 1982.

However, the three (3) channels were categorized as two (2) stations.  The audio channels, that is Radio 1 and Radio 2 were known as RADIO O-Y-O AND PUT UNDER A Management.  The audio-visual channel was called, TELEVISION SERVICE OF OYO STATE (TSOS).  Also, it had its own management.

At a time, the TSOS was qualified, New Day Television” and at another, “New Era Television”.  But when arose a situation, a merger of the audio and audio-visual stations came about and the two (2) stations put under a single Management with the name the BROADCASTING CORPORATION OF OYO STATE (BCOS) and adjective THE PACESETTER more pronounced.

The Installation Of Transmitters And Its Effectiveness

The single-management idea was enforced in the Old-Oyo state during the military Regime and persisted, even after the creation of Osun State (out of Oyo State).  The BCOS  Radio I was run on a network of Transmitting stations located in Ibadan, Gambari (near Ogbomoso) and Oje-Owode (formerly Aha) near Saki with Links at Ilora and Ipaapo in order to ensure a loss-free transmission of programmes sent out of the Ibadan transmitters at Ile-Akede, Orita Basorun.

In relation to the BCOS Radio II, the transmitters were installed right on top of the popular Mapo Hill in the Mapo Area of Ibadan.  Due to the height advantage, the FM transmitters was able to radiate effectively and the station received without distortions.

Concerning the Television, station, it is sited at Ile-Akede, Orita-Basorun, Ibadan but its transmitters at Old-Ife Road, Ibadan and Alaga in the Oke-Ogun Area of Oyo State.  The television station has remained the Nations Pride (which is its slogan) with its clear, perfect signal and quality programming.

The Birth Of New Stations

Following the trend, the state Government established more Radio Stations. In 2009, AJILETE FM in Ogbomoso and Oke-Ogun FM at Alaga commenced transmission. Also, in 2010, OLUYOLE FM at Old Ife Road Ibadan, commenced transmission. For a better service, the RADIO O-Y-O II on 98.5KHz FM in stereo seized operation for a ground plan.

BCOS Radio FM Coverage

Our FM 30Kw (30,000 Watt) F.M. transmitter on frequency 98.5 MHz (Stereo) formally located centrally on the top of Mapo Hill, Ibadan now located at Orita Basorun transmits high-fidelity radio signals to the whole of Ibadan City and environs, Ilora, Oyo, Iseyin, Saki, Eruwa, Fiditi, Ilorin (Kwara State), Abeokuta (Ogun State), Ikeja, Ikorodu, Shagamu, Ondo, Akure, Osogbo, Ede, Ikirun, Ilobu, Ogbomoso. The signal at full power can extend to the Federal Capital territory Abuja.


The Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State has two Television Transmitting Stations one at Old Ife Road, Ibadan and the other at Alaga near Saki (Oyo North).


The Old Ife Road transmitting station has a twin 25Kw (Nos 2) TV transmitter.

  1. The limitation in terrestrial coverage of the BCOS analog 40kW television

transmitting opening on channel (CH 28UHF) across the state has been

overcome by the launch of the BCOS television on the digital platform of GOTV

(CH 105) & Startimes (CH 113).

  1. With the launch, we are made proud to declare that our television

transmission is received real-time across the state and suburbs.

            This station transmits on channel 28 UHF and has a primary coverage area of 100 kilometer radius.

            The Sound and vision frequencies are 532.75 MHZ and 527.25 MHZ respectively. The station’s mast which is self-supporting has a height of 200 meters (660ft.). The TV aerial gain is 20. This makes the “Effective Radiated Power” to be 500KW.

The Ibadan transmitter gives effective coverage to Ibadan City and its environs, Ibarapa, Oyo, Iwo, Ikire, Osogbo, Gbongan, Ile-Ife and all other towns and villages around these areas. Parts of Ogun State including Abeokuta, Ode-Remo, Shagamu and Ijebu Ode are well covered.


Apart from the normal sales of air and screen time BCOS engage in Client servicing and as indicated on our Rate Card the Corporation provides the following commercial services:

Commercial Spotlight

 This is a focus on business organizations having special celebrations, like Annual General Meetings, Special Anniversary Programmes, commissioning of new or old products can also be featured on both Radio and Television.

Social Diary

It is the recording of Video or Radio material of social events such as wedding, meetings, house-warming ceremonies, conferment of Chieftaincy titles, coronations award and cultural events etc. The service is rendered in both English and Yoruba.


Live coverage of Commercial Spotlight, Religion Group and Social Diary is provided at locations which are technically possible with modern facilities in any location in the state at moderate negotiable price for live real time transmission.



The Corporation produces documentaries for business organizations, religion and Social Groups with a view to promoting the corporate image of companies and their products.

Religion grouped believes, and social group with their objectives.     


Commercial jingle production

The highly technical and creative job of jingle production is undertaken for clients. The Corporation has pool of experienced and talented producers with the most modern technology in Radio, Television and IT industry. Hence efficient and high quality jingle can be produced at moderate costs.


In order to assist the growth of industries and commerce, the Corporation organizes an annual Home –Made Goods Exhibition within the premises. The success of this exhibition has brought a lot of local industries to limelight.






The Corporation’s entertainment responsibility has gone beyond airtime and screen. It has been extended to stage shows, Drama production, Musical, Jamboree and Event planning, we stag shows, in such partnership shows and any other collaboration and services. These are organized from time to time and place to place independently or jointly with required artistes, advertisers and Sponsors.



All above stated services are available at moderate charges as captured in Rate Card while some are subject to negotiation.



All the existing programmes have high audience ratings as attested by Media Planning Services (MPS) reporting. In addition, new programmes can be designed to meet campaign strategies of the clients. There are various types of programme sponsorship.

a.     Participating sponsorship – this is the sponsorship of any of the Station’s existing programmes. But the client has exclusive right of advertisement during the programme. For a 30 minutes programme, 270 seconds commercials are allowed in addition to the opening and closing credit which will be given to the sponsor.

b.     Package sponsorship – sponsors of such programmes have absolute control over the total air or screen time purchased. All the inputs into such programmes are supplied by the sponsors.

c.     Joint/partnership programme – This is a programme produced by independent producer and aired on Radio and Television Channels the advertisement revenue is shared at agreed ratio between Producer and Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State.

d.     Barter- This can be in form of programmes, products and services that are suppled to Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State in exchange for airtime on Radio, Television or any other services rendered by Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State.  

e.     Web services – News generation, news publishing, live streaming, social media, etc.










The air and screen time rate are as quoted on the rate card while production costs are subject to negotiation.

Selected position – allowance is given to advertisers who want special time for their products and with a token surcharge for Fixed Position, News Adjacency, Mid news/ intra programme spots, programme displacement etc.

Volume discounts – generous volume discount to a maximum value of 15% is granted on total expenditure of clients on all products per annum and per channel.

Credit facilities – 60 days’ credit facilities are granted to all accredited agencies of the corporation calculated from the date of submission of certificate of performance and invoices.

Prompt payment discount – all accredited agencies enjoying credit facilities are granted 5% prompt payment discounts for are payment those made within 30 days from the date of submission of certificate of performance and invoices by agencies engaging credit facilities.

Commercial allowance – sponsored programmes are given free slots of not more than 60 to promote the programme.


For request for information on any aspect of the commercial activities of the Corporation should be directed to the:

Director of Commercial Services

Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State,

Ile-Akede, Ibadan.

Telephone: +234803 561 0142 or +234802 307 3636

Email Address:  major@bcos.tv or commercial@bcoc.tv


Lagos Office:

No 5, Arapasanwu Street, off Oluwaleimu street,

off Allen Avenue, opposite MAYORS SCHOOLS,

Ikeja, Lagos State.

Telephone: +234803 561 0142 or +234802 307 3636

Email Address: major@bcos.tv or commercial@bcoc.tv

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