Gov Makinde Says Oyo IGR Increases Due To Blockage Of Financial Loopholes

 Gov Makinde Says Oyo IGR Increases Due To Blockage Of Financial Loopholes

Governor Oluseyi Makinde had revealed that the internally generated revenue in the State has gone up a little bit because his administration has been able to block some loopholes of financial recklessness.

State Governor disclosed this while reacting to questions during his quarterly programmer “Chat with GSM” held on Saturday, December 21, 2019, at the BCOS, adding that some people approached him on the way they used to go about sharing money but he shunned them.

Governor Makinde also revealed that the Government did not spend a dime on Christmas on the street.

He said some people came to him and said they have made it a point of duty to always gift some money to the Governor every year; so, he told them not to give him anything but instructed the Commissioner for Finance to pull all the money together and look for someone that can do Christmas Decoration for the State. “So, all the monies went into the beautification exercise we are seeing today. I believe that we have to continue on that path of parsimony. Until we finish expanding our economy, that is when respite can come to us all. Even, the civil servants know that any frivolous approval will not fly, once it gets to my table. So, that is how we have been managing with the available resources, which has made us achieve what we have on the ground now.”

He disclosed that on some of the projects that have been awarded, contractors have cut down on the bill they charged the State. “When we awarded the Moniya-Iseyin road, it was for 9.9 billion naira while the one awarded by the Federal Government was double that amount and even a palliative measure awarded on the same road was awarded by the previous administration, you know how much it was. What we are embarking on is a total reconstruction project and the contractor we gave the job to assured us that nothing will happen to the road for the next ten years. So, from all the wastage we have been cutting out, we have achieved a lot for the people. The good work has not stopped, it is extravagant spending that we have stopped.”

#Edited by Atinuke Bayo-Ige.

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