“Floyd’s Family Relieved By New Charges Against Officers” – Attorney

 “Floyd’s Family Relieved By New Charges Against Officers” – Attorney

The lead attorney for George Floyd’s family, Benjamin Crump, has said that the family is relieved to see new charges against police officers involved in the case.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has announced that charges against Derek Chauvin, a police officer involved in the fatal arrest, have been upgraded to second-degree murder, and that new charges have been filed against three other officers involved.

Floyd’s family attorney, Crump, told MSNBC broadcaster that while the family was relieved with the by the new charges, they still believe that the Police Officers should have been arrested earlier.

“Well, they (Floyd family) are relieved … But we all believe that the officers should have been arrested on the first day after they offered no humanity to a man who was … in handcuffs, and held the knee on his neck, kept two knees on his back that our autopsy found could press his lungs,” Crump said.

Crump said that he and Floyd’s family believed that all the officers involved should respond to “the full extent of the law, whatever that is.”

The new second-degree murder charge alleges that there was an intent to kill, which could be punished by 40 years in prison.

On May 25, Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after Chauvin pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes, while the African American man was lying handcuffed face down on the street.

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