COVID-19: UK Warns Of Tougher Social Distancing Measures

 COVID-19: UK Warns Of Tougher Social Distancing Measures

The British Government has warned that outside exercise could be banned if people flout stringent guidelines to cut the spread of Coronavirus infections.

The U.K Government on March 23, 2020, ordered a three-week shutdown of non-essential shops and services to cut close-contact transmission of the virus.

Reports say warmer weekend weather has stoked fears that people could congregate in parks and open spaces, potentially threatening any gains made in cutting transmission rates.

Ark was closed on Sunday, April 5, 2020, after concerns about high numbers of sunbathers on Saturday, April 4, 2020.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who himself tested positive for COVID-19, told Sky News television that sunbathing was “against the rules” and anyone doing so put lives at risk.

He told the BBC most people were following guidance only to leave their homes to shop for essential supplies and medicine, and to exercise once a day, but that it was “quite unbelievable” that a minority were not.

“The truth is the more people go out from home, the more the virus spreads,” he added.

“I don’t want to have to take away exercise as a reason to leave home because people are not following the rules……if the result of that is that too many people go out and flout the rules I’m afraid we’ll have to take action.”

Hancock later told a daily Government briefing that changes to social distancing rules were “not imminent”.


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