COVID-19: UK May List Nigeria as Travel Risk

 COVID-19: UK May List Nigeria as Travel Risk

As the British government is set to update its COVID-19 travel list as part of a review that happens every three weeks, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Grenada are among the countries that could be moved to the red list, according to a British data expert.

Nigeria is currently on the amber list of countries and territories, but it could assume a red list if the situation report about the COVID-19 infection rate does not improve.

Recall that the amber list is one that features countries which people in England are only allowed to visit if they quarantine for ten days on their return. The red list, on the other hand, features countries that the UK government has defined as particularly high-risk for new and emerging strains of the Coronavirus disease.

Countries are automatically assumed to be amber unless they present a low public health risk, which will mean they become green, or a high public health risk, which will see them turn red.

Infection rates in these countries, testing rates, positivity rates, rates of variants of concern or variants under investigation, as well as vaccination rates are all taken into consideration.

Thus, according to data expert, Tim White, in Africa, the data suggests that Nigeria could be vulnerable.


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