COVID-19: Tanzania Records First Death

 COVID-19: Tanzania Records First Death

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Tanzania has recorded its first death from Coronavirus.

The Health Ministee, Dr Ummy Mwalimu, said the recorded death is a 49-year-old man who had underlying Health issues.

The East African Nation has reported cases since March 16, 2020, including Foreign Travellers and those with whom they have had contacts, but one person has so far recovered.

Without giving details, the Health Minister said in a statement, that: “I regret to announce the first death of coronavirus patient early this morning. The 49-year old man had other health complications,” .

Tanzania has already shut all Schools and Universities in a bid to curb the disease, and from Tuesday, March 31, 2020, Parliament cut working hours and limited the number of MPs allowed in the debating Chamber.

However, while neighbouring countries have imposed lockdowns and urged people to stay home, President John Magufuli has played down the seriousness of the disease.

He added that: “There are too many threats being spread about corona but this is a small disease and we will beat it in the name of Jesus. I also ask Tanzanians to continue working hard.”

His comment was criticised by other politicians who said Tanzania should actually consider closing Churches and Mosques to avoid spreading Coronavirus.


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