COVID-19: Face Masks Compulsory In Paris As Cases Rise

 COVID-19: Face Masks Compulsory In Paris As Cases Rise

Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex, on Thursday announced face masks will become compulsory throughout Paris.

The Prime Minister who expressed concerns over the rise in coronavirus infections in the country said 19 more departments have been added to a map with “red” zones of active virus circulation, meaning 21 of France’s 94 departments are classified as such.

AFP reports that official figures released Wednesday showed more than 5,400 confirmed new cases in just 24 hours, with admissions to hospital and intensive care units on the rise.

There was an “undeniable resurgence” of the Covid-19 epidemic throughout France, Castex told a press conference, with an incidence rate of 39 positive tests per 100,000 of the population — four times the level of a month ago, and rising among all age groups.

“The “positivity rate” — the percentage of tests that come back positive — was up from one percent in May to 3.7 percent today, and the so-called “R” rate of viral transmission has risen to 1.4 nationwide, meaning ten infected people are infecting 14 others on average.”

“More than 800 coronavirus patients are being admitted to hospital every week on average, up from 500 six weeks ago.” said the Prime Minister Castex.

Castex  appealed  to all French people to strictly adhere to  infection-prevention measures such as regular hand-washing and mask wearing, and social distancing.

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