Coptic Monk Executed Over Murder Of Egyptian Bishop

 Coptic Monk Executed Over Murder Of Egyptian Bishop

A Coptic Christian monk, Wael al-Saad Tawadros, who was convicted over the 2018 killing of the Head of an ancient Egyptian desert monastery, has been hanged.

Wael al-Saad Tawadros, who prosecutors say confessed to bludgeoning the Bishop over the head with a steel pipe while another monk, Remon Rasmi Mansour stood guard, was executed on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

The other monk, Remon Rasmi Mansour, convicted for his role in the crime was sentenced to life in prison

Bishop Epiphanius was found bludgeoned to death in July 2018 at Saint Macarius monastery in the Western Desert.

The two monks, Tawadros and Mansour, were said to have killed the abbot of the monastery in the plains of Wadi al-Natrun, north-west of Cairo, because of unspecified differences.

The case shocked Egypt’s Coptic community, the largest Christian minority in the Middle East.


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