Britain Closes Embassy In North Korea, Evacuates Diplomats

 Britain Closes Embassy In North Korea, Evacuates Diplomats

The British Embassy in North Korea has been closed and all the diplomats evacuated from the country.

The British ambassador to North Korea, Colin Crooks, made this known on Thursday, just as Pyongyang maintains strict entry controls to try to prevent a coronavirus outbreak.

Ambassador Colin Crooks tweeted: “The #BritishEmbassy in #Pyongyang closed temporarily on 27 May 2020 and all diplomatic staff have left the #DPRK for the time being.”

The closure was a temporary move and came because Pyongyang’s “restrictions on entry to the country have made it impossible to rotate our staff and sustain the operation of the Embassy”, a Foreign Office spokesperson said.

The specialist news site NK News said the British diplomats crossed the border into China overland on Wednesday.

AFP reports that North Korea has closed its borders and insists it has not had a single case of the virus that emerged in neighbouring China late last year and has since swept the world.

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