“Boko Haram Consuming Nigeria Under Buhari’s Watch” -Kukah

 “Boko Haram Consuming Nigeria Under Buhari’s Watch” -Kukah

A Prominent Cleric and Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese of the Catholic Church, Reverend Father Matthew Kukah has advised President Muhammadu Buhari over the high level of insecurity in Nigeria, warning that the Country is rapidly descending into anarchy.

Bishop Kukah in his Easter message said the Buhari Government was taking care of repentant Boko Haram insurgents, but lacked empathy for their victims.

The message titled, ‘Nigeria: Before our Glory Departs’, recalled that President Buhari, on May 29, 2015, during his inauguration said ‘Boko Haram is a typical case of small fires causing large fires.’

The Catholic Priest however lamented that under the President’s watch, the fires are consuming the nation.

Bishop Kukah also hit the Buhari administration for rehabilitating insurgents, saying it was a clear demonstration of the Government’s lack of feelings for victims of banditry and insurgency, who were left to mourn their dead ones and pay ransom to free their relatives.

He further lamented that the Government’s clay-footed fight against corruption has not moved the needle of transparency forward, while being the poverty capital of the world with its attendant cup of sorrow, violence, death and misery has caused the serious haemorrhaging of human life in Nigeria.


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