Bakare Condemns Clampdown On Protesters, Asks For Reversal Of Frozen Accounts

 Bakare Condemns Clampdown On Protesters, Asks For Reversal Of Frozen Accounts

The Serving Overseer of The Citadel Global Community Church (CGCC), Pastor Tunde Bakare, has condemned the clampdown on #EndSARS protesters, noting that the older generation cannot afford to keep ‘sinful’ silence over the incident.

Pastor Bakare, who disclosed this in an address in his church on Sunday, November 15, 2020, also condemned the freezing on accounts of #EndSARS promoters, describing it as some of the actions recently taken by the Government which needs to be reversed.

The Clergy, according to a report by ChannelTV, said: “As our nation returns to the drawing board in the wake of the #EndSARS protests, I have observed with keen interest the policy actions and positions taken by national and subnational governments to address the broader issues of youth development in Nigeria. Truth be told, this season of our national life requires deep humility, sobriety, and deliberate thinking through, both by the government and the governed, in order to ensure that our plans, policies, and actions are weighed before they are implemented to avert the re-occurrence of our most recent crisis.

He added that although he accepts that under the country’s extant laws, banks may freeze an account upon an ex-parte order granted to a law enforcement agency by a court of competent jurisdiction for the purpose of the investigation,  this law should not be used to intimidate Nigerian youth simply because they engaged in and promoted protests against the inactions of Government.

Pastor Bakare said, “targeting and arresting citizens on trumped-up charges, deploying court probes as a tool of intimidation, and generally eroding our fragile peace, are deeply worrisome signs of regression.”

Speaking concerning the shooting of protesters, Pastor Bakare who is also the Convener, Save Nigeria Group (SNG) lamented that this is painful; adding that: “As I reminisced on the unfortunate incident of the shooting of unarmed protesters by Nigerian Soldiers, I recalled with solemnity how I almost lost my life in the ‘Ali Must Go’ protests as armed Policemen fired live bullets into a crowd of students protesting peacefully. It is painful that the younger generation has had to face the same beasts we fought in my generation. This is why we cannot afford to keep sinful silence when the youth of our nation are being oppressed by a Nigerian state that is supposed to protect them.”

He, however, commended the Federal Government for taking some actions like the disbandment of SARS; setting up a panel of inquiry with youth representatives; and the launch of ₦75B Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (N-YIF); urging the Federal Government to reverse the decision of freezing the account of #EndSARS campaigners.


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