Amotekun Ni Gbogbowa

The establishment of the South West Security Network code named AMOTEKUN  is never a  ploy by the South West to secede out of Nigeria but a step towards enhancement of security and future restructuring of Nigeria.

The South West security Network code name AMOTEKUN is a child of necessity to Protect Yoruba land from banditry  rapist  and usurpation of Yorubaland by foreign Nationals .

In the past many of Yoruba sons and daughter including elders had been harassed, Molested  and even killed by gun men and bandit from foreign land right on the soil of Yoruba land.

To forestall this occurrence the Governors in the six Yoruba speaking states decided to form a security network identified with Leopard  that will protect yoruba land from unwarranted attack,

The widely acceptance of the slogan ‘AMOTEKUN NI GBOGBO WA’, which could be translated to mean we are all Leopards is a reflection of the involvement of every Yoruba man and woman in the drive to ensure security of lives and property in the South west Region.

The  establishment of the AMOTEKUN security Network will of course provide security , promote peaceful coexistence in Yoruba land and improve economic activities within the south west region.

Yoruba leaders across South west Nigeria stated this in an interview with BCOS reporter, Abiodun Akinkunle, who examined the benefits and fears associated with AMOTEKUN.

Some of the Yoruba leaders in the interview with BCOS News noted that apart from the fact that their will be adequate security in Yoruba land, the issue of restructuring will also be addressed through the mutual understanding exhibited by all Yoruba in the formation of AMOTEKUN.

With the creation of this Security network , it is hoped that the issue of kidnapping and other violence act within the south west will be reduced to its barest minimum.


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