Agitation For Self-Determination: Yoruba Not Fighting Federal Government- Akintoye

 Agitation For Self-Determination: Yoruba Not Fighting Federal Government- Akintoye

Respected historian and President of the Yoruba World Congress, Professor Banjo Akintoye, has said the Yoruba ethnic nationality will not hurt the Nigerian nation in its pursuit of self-determination.

Professor Akintoye said this on Friday, November 20, 2020, while featuring on AM 120, the breakfast show of the television service of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, BCOS; adding that the quest for a Yoruba nation had nothing to do with rebellion or fighting the Government, pointing out that the Yoruba agenda will be pursued in a peaceful manner.

“The Yorubas are not fighting the government and we are not hurting anyone.The quest of the Yoruba people for self-determination will be pursued via diplomatic, political and other lawful means, ” Prof. Akintoye said.

He stated that while the majority of Nigerians ethnic nationalities desire a true and a stronger federation, a certain minority remains adamant on sustaining the current faulty system.

As he puts it, “Majority of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities want a stronger federation,but the minority says no. We cannot subdue that minority, but it is clear that we can no longer live together within the existing federation as constituted.”

The elder statesman said while it may be difficult to outrightly subdue that minority, it is clear that the nation’s federal system as currently constituted was no longer feasible.

This, according to the second republic Senator, then brings up the question of what manner of restructuring is most desirable, especially for the Yoruba nation in the prevailing circumstances, more so considering growing ethnic incursions into South West Nigeria from the middle-belt, South South and North West Nigeria.

He said the appropriate solution to the lingering and looming challenges is for the Yoruba people to peacefully take their exit from Nigeria in the pursuit of the self-determination agenda.

The renowned Professor of History said, “The solution is for the Yoruba people to peacefully take their exit from Nigeria. The call for good governance more than ever before, is now more universal within Nigeria, as other ethnic nationalities have also been asking for a separation from the Nigerian State.”

Professor Akintoye further stressed that the other ethnic groups of like minds also wish to cut off from unending poverty, squalor and other insurmountable social challenges.

On the recent EndSARS protests, Prof. Akintoye said the protests and the far-reaching involvement of the Nigerian youth is a reflection of the peculiarity of the all encompassing challenges of the Nigerian nation.

He said while the thoughts of politics conspiracy theories against the South West regarding the unfortunate aftermath of the EndSARS protests cannot be totally dismissed, it must also be understood that the South West retains the largest mass of frustrated educated young people who may be inclined to vent their frustrations on a harsh and degrading social system.

He however admitted that all sections of the Nigerian state have their own peculiar and serious challenges.


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