“Address Insecurity To Boost Farming, Reduce Food Prices”, Titan Farm Boss Charges Government

 “Address Insecurity To Boost Farming, Reduce Food Prices”, Titan Farm Boss Charges Government

A Frontline Mechanised Farmer, who is also the Chairman of Titan Farms, Chief Gbenga Eyiolawi has posited that all forms of insecurities as cattle rustling, banditry, herders/ farmers conflicts affecting farming and related businesses in Nigeria should be tackled effectively, to make foods available and affordable to all Nigerians.

Chief Eyiolawi also advised Government to create a Department or Agency that will bridge the gap between farmers and food produce traders.

The Titan Farms Owner, while featuring on the Oluyole FM radio programme, ‘Breakfast Fiesta’, pointed out that Nigerian farmers have the capacity to produce enough food for local consumption and for exports.

He, however, explained that the wide gap between farmers and traders in terms of transportation from farms to markets are making the farm produce unaffordable to the masses.

The Titan Farm Boss enjoined Government to put in place system that will address this challenge and bring down the food prices in the country.

The Aare Kebimapalu of Ibadan land said: “An Agency should be created to bridge the gap between farms and markets. The agency should also regulate the commercial activities of farmers and traders with a view to controlling of food prices. If such good marketing control agency is set up and allowed to function effectively, I can assure you that food security will be guaranteed.”

Featuring on the live radio programme on ‘Food Security and Local Productions’, the Agric Investor called on Government at all levels to encourage large scale investments in agro – allied industry by creating enabling environments for growth and investments in the sector.

While revealing that efforts are being made to bring youths into agriculture, Chief Eyiolawi disclosed that most youths are not ready to go into farming as they prefer white collar jobs; saying: “What our youths want are sexy jobs, and farming is not sexy. However, we organise agric training regularly and give people opportunities to earn from Titan Farms…..many of the trained youths have been doing fine but some moved away to other businesses, after few weeks because they expected farming to bring money quickly”.

The Aare Kebimapalu of Ibadan land advised those interested in venturing into agric business to consider key areas which could also make their venture lucrative; noting that: “In Nigeria of today, many people don’t look into the key areas of agriculture like preservation and storage as good business, what they focus most are cultivation and processing.”

The Agri-preneur further explained that there are different phases in agriculture such as: “the preparations and seedling stage, that’s a major business on its own; the farm management and maintenance stage, as well as the processing stage are other areas. The storage and preservation stage, with marketing and distribution stage are also major businesses which could bring big money.

He noted that: “of all these stages I have mentioned, most people focus on planting, harvesting and processing but left others. However, those few people doing the others are making big money from it, because many don’t look at those sides. What most people understand about farming are planting, harvesting and processing.”


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