100-Year-Old Russian Woman Cured Of COVID-19

 100-Year-Old Russian Woman Cured Of COVID-19

Russia celebrated a rare bit of good news as a 100-year-old woman left a Moscow Hospital after fully recovering from the Coronavirus.

The Moscow Clinic treating her said in the Country’s first reported case of a survivor that old, the woman, Pelageya Poyarkova, was discharged on her 100th birthday.

Russian television showed the elderly woman wearing a face mask and clutching a bouquet of red roses as she exited in a wheelchair, surrounded by Doctors and Journalists.

Poyarkova had contracted the virus from a fellow patient at another Hospital where she had been receiving routine treatment.

After testing positive and developing several symptoms, she was transferred to the Moscow Brain Centre, which normally specialises in stroke victims but has been repurposed to treat Coronavirus patients.

The Hospital said Poyarkova was the first Russian centenarian to have fully recovered from the virus.

The Hospital’s acting Director Vsevolod Belousov said on Russian television that: “She turned out to be a tough old lady; she did not require intensive care and had standard treatment with blood-thinning drugs.

Born in Moscow, the elderly woman now lives with her daughter and son-in-law, as her husband had been killed in World War II, leaving her to care for her young child alone.

Research had earlier revealed that the Coronavirus is especially dangerous for older people and those with chronic conditions.


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