Thursday, 22 February 2018


Baby Dies Seven Days After Mistakenly Declared Dead By Hospital

A new born baby, who was mistakenly declared dead hours after birth on Thursday, November 30, 2017, by Doctors at a Delhi Hospital, has died on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

According to the aggrieved family, the twins were born premature, but while one baby was stillborn, the other was declared dead hours later after his condition was stated to be critical and unable to survive.

“At the hospital, we were told that one twin was stillborn while the other died later as his condition was critical.”

“Thereafter, they gave us both babies wrapped in a plastic bag,” said father of the baby, Ashish Kumar.

“However, while on way for their burial, we observed a slight movement in the packet.”

“After opening the plastic bag, we found the baby was breathing,” said Kumar, who rushed to a nearby nursing home in Pitampura along with other family members.

“We called him Champ, he had infections and other problems.’’

The Police have registered a case of medical negligence against Max Hospital in Shalimarbag based on the family’s complaint and an investigation is on-going.

The Hospital had sacked two Doctors involved in the case but has said its internal investigation was not complete yet.

Max Healthcare, which runs a chain of hospitals including the one in Shalimarbag, expressed condolences to the parents.

“While we understand that survival in extreme preterm births is rare, it is always painful for the parents and family. We wish them the strength to cope with their loss,” the statement said.