Friday, 19 January 2018


There have been reports that about that only 10% of Nigerians have access to clean water. The World Bank said in a report on Monday that Nigerians and some other countries have been left out in the maintenance or infrastructure adding that in Haiti, only seven per cent of households had clean tap water, compared to 15 per cent previously.

There would always be a need to detoxify the body and against the popular belief, detoxing doesn’t require extreme diet choices since our body has the natural ability to flush out toxins on their own.

Amanda MacMillan

If you’ve ever pushed back your bedtime to watch "just one more" episode of Orange Is the New Black, or lay in bed wide-eyed after streaming three exhilarating hours of Game of Thrones, this new research probably won’t surprise you. A new study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine is the first to link binge-watching with poorer sleep quality, more fatigue, and increased insomnia.