Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Stop Being Hypocritical, 9ice Urges Critics

For the first time since the release of his controversial song, Living Things, Gongo Aso singer, 9ice has come out to defend his choice of songs and lyrics, urging his critics to stop being hypocritical.

The Ogbomoso-born star was heavily criticised last year  by a large section of his fans and many music lovers, following the release of Living Things, a song that was believed to have revived 9ice’s failing career.


9ice, in the song, appeared to have hailed certain names and used words believed to be encouraging young people to delve into internet fraud, otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo in local parlance.


While the song was widely condemned, 9ice kept his game on and pushed out more songs that made him one of the most sought-after artistes of 2017.


Speaking with R in a long Twitter chat, the singer said the criticisms that trailed the song were needless, adding that people always criticised from their own perspectives.


“News flies on every song now and then. What we should stop doing is being hypocritical as people. If there is an act that is negative, people should curb it or stop it in is entirety not partially,” she said.


Speaking on whether he had attained a legendary status with the number of songs he had churned in his career, the musician-cum-politician said legendary status had nothing to do with the amount of songs or album, but the number of lives touched positively with one’s music.


“Legendary status has nothing to do with the number of songs or albums one has. It has to do with how many lives one has affected positively. It also more about the dimension or gathering one’s song can fit into,” he said.


On his penchant for kids, 9ice said only God knows if he would have more kids, adding that “If I will have 20 kids, only Allah knows. If I will have more kids or fewer, only God knows. I don’t know when when a law in Nigeria prohibits one from having as many kids as one desires.”