Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Nollywood Actress Changes Looks After Bitter Marriage

Year 2017 has been noted as clearly a rough year for Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh, being in the headlines after her bitter breakup from her husband, whom she accused of domestic violence, among other matters.

Tonto Dikeh and her husband were all over social media slandering each other, and tongues wagged even more as they unleashed evidence of the breakdown of their marriage.

The estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, demanded a refund of bride price, which true to her word, she refunded, and she was proud to announce to the world, going to the extent of sharing a video as proof.

Well, the actress is turning over a new leaf, and in late December, 2017, it was alleged she had a body makeover as she sought to get over her tumultuous past.

To shed off her past, the controversial actress underwent cosmetic surgery and showed off the man behind the magic; her fans, though, were not too pleased she was transforming herself.

Truth be told, she doesn't care and proclaimed so by writing:

"Happy New Year to my surgeon and his crew.

"Wish you all a great and fulfilled new year,Thanks for all you do for humanity..Thanks for letting God use you in my life as a great source of Joy!! For the first time I took my time to appreciate my new body(Damn too sexy by the way),I cried,I leaped with joy and all I can say is am so ready to conquer the world with my new found confidence...

"Thank you so much Dr. Ayo @grandvillemedlaser and thanks to all the pretty nurses & doctors (recovery center)••••

"Super thanks to my Executive producerYou are awesome honey,Love you so much Mama. Thanks."