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A restaurant owner in London's Chinatown is forced to push his moral and physical boundaries to track down the group of rogue Irish terrorists responsible for the death of his beloved daughter after the justice system fails him.

US Box (Sept 22-24, 2017)


Last week No 4 and 3 weeks on the chart.

Genre – Romantic Comedy

Casts – Reese Witherspoon, Micheal Sheen

Release Date – Sept. 8, 2017

Production budget – $12m


Last week No 2 and 2 weeks on the chart

Genre – Action/Adventure

Casts – Micheal Keaton, Taylor Kitsch

Director – Micheal Gesta

Release Date – September 15, 2017

Production budget - $ 33m


News on the chart

Genre – Animation

Casts – Jackie Chan, Dave Franco

Release Date – September 22, 2017

Production Budget – Not Announced

Set in the 1970s, The Tiger Hunter is the story of Sami Malik, a young Indian man who travels to America to become an engineer in order to impress his childhood crush and live up to the legacy of his father-a legendary tiger hunter-back home.

Home Again stars Reese Witherspoon as Alice Kinney in a modern romantic comedy. Recently separated from her husband, (Michael Sheen), Alice decides to start over by moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two young daughters.